Free Google Play Credit (For Android Users)

Google Rewards

If you’re an Android user, then there’s no reason for you not to have this app installed! It’s one of Google’s own apps, and is really simple and effective.

Basically, you install Google Opinion Rewards, and wait for it to present you with short surveys to answer. This will be in the form of a notification. The surveys themselves are usually only one or two simple questions.

The way it works, is by monitoring your location. It knows what shops you’ve been to, based on your location. It will ask if you visited a particular shop on a particular day, and if you did, you answer 1 or 2 questions about that shop. And that’s it.

You’ll get roughly anywhere between 10 and 50c (or more) per ‘survey” towards your Google play credit balance, which you can obviously use for apps, games, movies or books.

You’ll find the more you are out and about, the more surveys you’ll be given. I’ve earned a significant amount of credit in the time I’ve used it. It’s paid for a good number of apps, and music albums!

So really, if you’re an Android user, there’s no reason at all not to have this app installed 🙂