Free Sample Of Stayfree® Ultra Thin with New Thermocontrol™ – LINK FIXED!


Here’s another really good freebie for all the women…a chance to try out the latest product from StayFree

STAYFREE® pads now have a NEW THERMOCONTROL™ cover that helps relieve that hot and stuffy feeling by drawing excess humidity away from your skin to leave you comfortably protected.
Feel comfortable and protected through your day

STAYFREE® pads* now come with a THERMOCONTROL™ cover that allows excess humidity to be drawn away. They also offer better air breathability, helping your skin to feel more comfortable and non-irritated.

  • With Fast-Lock Pockets and an Anti-Leak Core to prevent leakage. They’ll keep you feeling more comfortably protected throughout your busy day.
  • STAYFREE® Ultra Thins and STAYFREE® Thick pads also have a Cottony-Soft Quilted Cover, making them soft to the touch and providing comfortable protection during your period.

Try STAYFREE® Ultra Thin with the NEW THERMOCONTROL™ cover for yourself!
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