Some Small Changes to OzFreeStuff

Well, we’ve been quiet for far too long. I’ve had to put this site aside while busy with life. But I reckon it’s time to resurrect the old girl, and start posting some freebies again! 🙂

But as I’m sure we’re all aware, times are changing. Companies are less reluctant to give away anything for free. They’re still out there, but certainly more difficult to find. Some are still happy to give something away, in return for answering a short survey, which is completely ok with me.

And with technology the way it is today, there are certainly more types of “freebies” I cold be posting. In the past, I’ve held back from posting things like free apps or free ebooks for iPhone or Android devices. But I think it’s something a lot more people are interested in now. Especially apps that normally cost money, but are free for a limited time. These are the ones I hope to be able to start sharing with you all.

It might take me time to get up to speed again, and I’ll need to edit all the old freebie posts that have long since expired, but I’ll do my best to source all the good stuff for you all!

I’m excited to be back! 😀