My Tips For Finding Free Stuff On The Internet

Not too many years ago, lots of companies were giving away free stuff to help promote their products and services.

As a kid, I always remember going to the big motor shows, and coming home with bags full of freebies handed out by the major car manufacturers…free keyrings, pens, hats, posters and booklets. Now you’re lucky to get a glossy colour brochure. It seems companies are a lot more reluctant to hand out “freebies” nowadays.

I’ve always been a bit of a freebie junky…I love getting something for nothing…who doesn’t?

The Internet is a great place to find “free stuff”. Just do a search for it in Google and you’ll be overwhelmed with links. Some of these will obviously be “scams” or links to pull you in to spend money on premium SMS or phone calls.

Some of the “Freebie” websites are of course genuine (like this one!), and do provide links to lots of free samples of various products…It’s just a case of finding them and regularly going back to them, or adding their feed to your favourite RSS reader. You can add mine from HERE.

You have to be realistic though…you are NOT going to get any free iPhones, iPod, Nokias or LCD TVs…it just won’t happen. What you will find though is free samples of various products, or now and again some type of free object, like the mobile phone holder I added in my list recently.

One good way to find good links that I have found is to either find or start a thread in your favourite forum dedicated to “free stuff”, where people can post any links that they come across to free samples or other free stuff. This is a lot more successful than you think…it encourages people to do a little searching for links to add to the thread. It’s amazing what you’ll come across.

My personal example of this would be on the OCAU forums, where the thread has grown to over 115 pages with over 125,000 views. The most recent freebies including a free FHM magazine and free photo prints.

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Another simple, yet surprisingly successful way to get hold of free samples is to simply send an email off to to companies and request samples. You’ll be surprised just how many of them will actually send you out samples of their products if you ask them. I’ve found this particularly successful with health and beauty type retailers who are happy to send free samples of creams, lotions, soaps etc. Large organisations like Coca-Cola or Cadburys are much less likely to respond, although I’ve found if you buy one of their products and you find something wrong with it, and contact them and explain what you found, they’ll more often that not, send you a voucher of some sort allowing to obtain free replacements and usually a little more.

One thing to beware of, is that if it sounds to good to be true, it usually always is. Ever seen an ad on a webpage for a “free iPhone”? You think it’s as simple as it sounds? uh-uh…take a look at the small print…there may be no actual purchase required, but you’ll end up paying a fortune in “premium” sms messages to subscribe or enter a competition to get the iPhone.

I guess “free money” could be included in this article…free money is out there (in a broad sense of the term). Generally to get this free money, you’ll have to complete surveys or participate in polls or discussions. I’m a member of several “survey” sites where you are given points every time you complete a survey. After collecting enough points, they can be redeemed for cash. Sounds great doesn’t it! Well, the problem is that to collect enough points to redeem them for cash will generally take a month or more, and even then it may only be a small amount. But if you have the spare time to sit and fill in these surveys, it definitely is worth it in the long term…and you’re getting your opinion out there on various issues, so it’s a win-win situation!

You can find my Top rated survey/reward sites HERE.

Freebie hunting includes a lot of time sifting through worthless ads and websites with nothing to offer, but if you stick at it, you’ll be quite surprised just how much “free stuff” is out there!

I’ll add more tips over the coming weeks so stay tuned! 🙂

Oh and remember to keep coming back here daily for new freebies! In the near future I plan to give away a freebie or two myself so stay tuned!